With the advent of the Dungeon and Dragons® Third Edition rules, Wizards of the Coast is allowing developers to freely create licensed modules that contain formerly copyrighted material. In truth, they are doing it to sell more books, but I believe there is more to it. 

I believe the folks at Wizards truly enjoy imaginative games. A small core of designers at Wizards can create a few entertaining modules, but by allowing the huge cadre of game developers, writers, and Game Masters the opportunity to also create modules, Wizards is banking on an  explosion of modules, and thereby increasing the opportunity for enjoyable game-play. 

Some of these will be horrid. A vast majority will be good modules. But a small minority will be true gems. Deep, compelling stories that drag the GM and the players along because they want to see how things turn out, not just advance the characters in level or give them  nifty new magic items.

Creating compelling game-play is the objective of every modules designer. I am doing this to present my game world to you in the hopes you will enjoy the things I put together. I am not charging for these modules. They are fully my creation and don't cost me anything to create, except my time. I present them to you as is, in the hope you will play them and enjoy them. 

If you use them, please drop me a note at cedrin@eniniuria.com. Tell me what you think of the adventure, how you used it, and how you think I can improve it. If you have suggestions for future modules, I would love to hear those as well. 

These modules will be designed to use City Overseer 3D® from Thought Guild Inc. This program is not required to use the PDF d20 module, but I believe it truly enhances playing the module. It reduces the number of questions by players about what they can see and whether they would have truly been surprised by that spider dropping out of the trees on top of them. I will post some of the modules I create in executable format - stand alone programs that will allow you to see what Thought Guild has truly wrought. Future releases will not include these executables, but only the T3D files, used to play the module if you own CO3D®. Why do it that way? Well, to put it bluntly, I want you to buy the program from them so they will continue to improve upon it. I like it and want to see it flourish. 

Okay, I'll shut up now and list the modules I have done so far. Enjoy them. I had fun creating them.

Module Name: Designed for: Description

Rescue at L'Essen

Four to six, 1st-3rd level characters. A young boy has been kidnapped by a band of Orcs. Can your band rescue him before the Orcs kill him? 
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