How it all began

At some point in the mid 1970s, I and a number of my friends began playing a game called Dungeons and Dragons. I say at some point, because we had been playing something similar to it for a number of years. We role-played fantasy characters from mythology - Perseus, Hercules, Achilles, etc. We created our own heroes based on rules found in obscure pamphlets. We used plastic Army Men on a table to show where our characters were and we also played pure roles where not even character sheets were allowed. The game evolved as I went through college and bloomed as I moved into my military career.

Over the years, I have become more comfortable as the Game Master than as a single character. I still enjoy playing a single character, but I have more fun creating the worlds and playing all of its denizen's. I have played and created more adventures than I can remember, but the ones that stick in my mind the most are those based on Greek mythology.

To that end, in the 1980s I began building adventures based upon the concept of a world where the Greek Empire flourished. I took the peoples of ancient Europe, Asia, and Africa and developed a world where the Greeks subdued the north-western part of a vast continent. Egypt exists to the south and the great civilizations of China and Japan are in the East. The early stirrings of Arabic civilizations are growing in the south-east.

The first major campaign from this world began as a simple adventure idea I developed for some friends. This quickly grew into a campaign that spanned years of our time and did more to develop Eni Niuria than all my mental musings had before.

An introduction to the history of the world can be found here.

The first campaign

In case you didn't read the above introduction, this campaign took place during the second age of this world. The first age was an age of gods and their wars that ended with the creation of the lesser races, starting with the Elves. Cedrin, the first elf, wandered the world until he was tricked by the goddess Nyx into killing his wife. He blamed all things living for letting her die and vowed to end the Curse of Life. The second age is marred by the wars he engenders as he attempted to do this. The first campaign I developed took place during the third, and final, of these wars.

At one point during this campaign, there were seventeen active player characters wandering the world looking for a way to defeat Cedrin. It was a series of sweeping adventures that culminated in a climactic battle between the heroes and Cedrin's minions. As in all things, however, this was not what ultimately decided the fate of the world.

A single spirit, that of the wife of Cedrin, has been kept alive by the goddess Gaia, sister of Nyx. Reincarnated over the centuries, she inhabits the body of a human girl, Kanessa, during this campaign. Kanessa, gradually learning of her history as the game progresses, has unwittingly born a son by Cedrin. In the climactic battle, Cedrin kills this boy and mortally wounds Kanessa. As the battle rages around them, the fate of the world rests on the shoulders of Kanessa. If she chooses to hate Cedrin, the world will plunge into chaos and blackness. She chooses instead to forgive him. Cedrin renounces his vow and is killed. The spirits of Cedrin, Kanessa, and their son are then taken to Arvanaith, the elven heaven, by Gaia as the world enters the third age.

A detailed account of that adventure can be found here. (Currently not available)

The second campaign

This campaign started a few years ago and has been slowly progressing. All of the players from the first campaign have spread to the four corners of the earth and we are currently finding it difficult to find a time when all of us can get together and play. We have tried a number of options utilizing the Internet, but to date these have proven slow and cumbersome, at best. Perhaps broadband will allow us to get together via video conferencing.

As we play, I am trying to convert the game notes into web pages for reference. These were originally on Geocities but the ads and restrictions forced me to get this site. I have since moved them here. 

They can be accessed by going here.

D20 adventures

In March of 2001, I was approached by Max Skibinski from Thought Guild to help him beta test City Overseer 3D. I had created a few maps of cities and countryside using their Realm Overseer 3D, so I jumped at the chance. This has led to the creation of an amazing program for enhancing modules for use under the D20 gaming license. 

I am currently developing D20 adventures based in the world of Eni Niuria.

These can be accessed here.

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