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A brief history of Eni Niuria


22 Jan 00


We played our first game of the new campaign and everyone seemed to have a good time. The WebRPG software worked well, though occasionally people complained of messages not being displayed. I experienced this as well as the game was ending. We played from around noon PST until after 8PM PST. Netmeeting was a big disappointment as it appeares that only one person could connect to me at a time. I will research a free version of software that allows for video/audio chat, perhaps the free version of CUSeeMe.

The group started in Kethor on the northern continent. (Map) After some get together exchange of background information, the group began exploring the town and discovered that the Pool of Thunder, so called because Zeus supposedly created it with a lightning bolt, is being found on some mornings with blood in it. They also discover that the mines in the northern mountains have not been opened since being closed during the Cedrin Wars over five years ago. As the game ended, the group was readying a reconnaissance mission to the northern mountains.

Click on the word Notes to read a condensed version to the days Chatlog file.


25 Jan 00


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Completed the map of the area around Kethor. It's a very detailed map and covers a large area. The best (and currently the only) way to view it is to download and install the CC2 Viewer (its free) from http://www.profantasy.com (top right of first page under News). With this you can view any of the maps I make for the campaign without me having to break them into graphic files small enough to view details.

Once you have the viewer installed you can view the Area Around Kethor. The file is large - 876K. You have to right click on the above link and save the file to your computer. Once the download is complete, rename the file from AroundKethor.bin to AroundKethor.fcw. Then you can open it with the viewer.

I'm letting you see this map because I assume you would be asking questions and exploring the area while you get ready for your trip north. Happy viewing. Feel free to send me email if you have questions.


4 Feb 00

Kethorian Luminaries

Okay folks. Here's some of the local luminaries that you would have heard about as you prepared for your trip north. Just click on the link at the left and you should be able to find information about a goodly number of the town NPC characters as well as a number of the more colorful ones from the surrounding countryside. I've also included some maps of the public buildings you would have had access to such as Mrs. Biddle's Boarding House.

I look forward to playing Saturday.

One question: Would you prefer the new entries on this page be placed at the top or at the bottom like I'm doing? Please e-mail or let me know Saturday.


5 Feb 00

Added a link on the Town of Kethor page that will let you download a CC2 map version of the town.

Uploaded some JPGs from the Around Kethor map.


7 Feb 00


We played our second game on Saturday. PowWow was a big disappointment as the lag times were so large it was unusable. Netmeeting only allows for two people to chat at a time. I will continue to look for a voice chat program that has reasonable quality while allowing at least four to converse simultaneously.

Otherwise, the game was not a complete bust. I for one had a great time. You can click on the word notes to read all about it.

Our next get-together will be at noon on the 12th (this coming Saturday). PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get me your character sheets. I need to put them into WebRPG format before Saturday so I don't have to keep asking you for AC, THACO, or saving throws. If you've already sent me yours, thank you.

Chat on Saturday.


10 Feb 00

Greek Pantheon


Added a page that has a table of information on all the Greek deities. It should make it easier to figure out which deity has dominion over certain things and which ones must be called upon to obtain things.

12 Feb 00

Old Toryesh

Added a map for Old Toryesh so that you can have an idea what the place looked like where the ghost kicked butt and then handed it back.

Also added two more luminaries to the list - Bredibol and Teshford.


17 March 00


FINALLY! I managed to wade my way through the almost 200 kilobytes of chatlog generated during the game played on 12 Feb. Click on the word notes to the left to read the condensed version of what happened during this gaming session. We play again tomorrow. Let's hope the notes are slightly smaller this time...


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Updated December 08, 2001

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