The Joyous Arrival and Hideous Wait



The Hilton
The Limo Ride
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Early Guests
Emerald Rose!
A Special Treat
Cave Troll Boogie
We Lucky Few
Then It Was Done

After a much too brief ride with such amazing people, we found ourselves at The Hollywood Athletic Club. The One Party was held here last year, and for my tastes it left much to be desired. The wait on the street was even longer this year, with added security measures, and there were only two pairs of security personnel checking people as they entered. Too bad the same thought that went into protecting the special guests inside the building did not extend to we peons on the street. Luckily for us, none of the protestors decided to do more than provide a minor annoyance.


Bernard helped everyone out. No slip ups this early in the evening!


The joy and anticipation of this evening is just written on her face!


The lovely Rosie and redoubtable Icarus, her very own Sam.


Filming a documentary on why people would spend $1000 to stand on the street in the smog and chill wind.


I think the people in the front are in another zip code!


And we paid $75 per ticket for this privilege.


This gent looks strangely familiar, but I can't place the name. Let me ask the Balrog if he's seen him before. And what's around the corner, Dorothy? Why more line, Auntie Em.

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Updated Tuesday, March 25, 2003