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And then, just like that, it's over. The stars left the stage. The people wandered about aimlessly for a while trying to come to terms with the wild mix of emotions such an evening brings. Then, slowly at first, they move to the exit, collect the meager gifts in the Goody Baggins, and make their way to their respective modes of transportation.

For some reason, I am loath to leave. At the start of the evening, more than eight hours ago, I had been angered and disappointed that the evening was starting out much like last year, only 2-3 times more crowded. This feeling of disappointment had grown for the first half of the evening as TORn herded us in directions I didn't find to my liking.

Emerald Rose started my mood changing and meeting John Rhys-Davies and having him do something so unexpected as to play with my hair, lifted me up and out of the doldrums. I then started mingling with the people and dancing and just generally having a good time associating with people who has similar interests to my own. In short, I started to have fun - lots of fun.

By the time the other major actors came on to the stage, it would have been very hard to dampen my spirits. The short fellow almost did, but then I tried to see it from his point of view and realized he was having a hard time participating in this event because we were all crowding in front of him. Some common courtesy would have gone a long way to making this a much better evening.

For no apparent reason, I begin wandering from room to room. It is an aimless pacing, but this time it led to a golden moment that capped the evening off nicely. 

As I was leaving the room where they had spread out the food earlier in the evening, I ran into Alan Lee. For various reasons, I had not gotten any good shots of Mr. Lee when he was onstage, so this was serendipitous in the extreme. I have been a fan of Mr. Lee's work for a great many years and to stand and talk with him for a brief moment in time was a true bright spot. He graciously agreed to have his picture taken with me and, in parting, I share that photo with you all.

A true giant of an artist. The one and only Alan Lee!


Thank you for visiting and sharing this journey with me. It was an evening that I will long remember. Thank you TORn for making it possible.

I do have one more complaint, however. Sean Astin did not ask for me to come up to the VIP area. Perhaps he did not know I was in the crowd. Did anyone of the staff at TORn let him know I was down there?

Until next time.


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