The Two Towers

One Party To Rule Them All

As experienced by Yaralindi
(aka Sam Cook)



The Hilton
The Limo Ride
The Arrival
Inside At Last
Early Guests
Emerald Rose!
A Special Treat
Cave Troll Boogie
We Lucky Few
Then It Was Done

As a way of opening I can only say, "Wow! What an evening!" I know, not very original, but my mind is still in yesterday and it is hard to pull it back into the present.

I would like to express my thanks to the folks at You had a hard task to accomplish, and though you didn't make me happy all the time, you made me very glad I came back this year.

But, you didn't come here to listen to me gush about the staff and what a great time I had. Well, you did, but you probably want pictures with that too.

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The day began early for this Cave Troll, but after a number of errands, I managed to slip out of that ratty towel and into some nicer threads just before the car arrived to whisk me in luxury to the partay.


The Cave Troll, also known as Yaralindi, and his normal ride


How Yaralindi gets to work. Well, I can dream can't I?
Limos provided by:
American Xpress Limousine
(805) 582-9373

Thanks Dawn & Glen!


Would you get into a car with this guy? You might want to bring Gimli and/or Aragorn.


Bernard is the BEST! He's driven me to a lot of things in Hollywood and I ask for him by name now.


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