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Inside At Last!


I won't describe the security measures. There might be children present. Let's just say I tipped the guy $20 and leave it at that. 

After almost two hours standing on the street, I finally crossed the threshold into Middle Earth. Well, TORn's idea of it, anyway. In other words, I got a nifty, smudged red stamp on the back of my hand for all my troubles and passed the Gates of Morning.

But wait! Just because you're in the door, doesn't mean you get into the party. Queue up one more time, hand over your ID one more time, get name checked off list, and receive a nifty brochure and a ticket. NOW you can enter, you unwashed mass you.


And you thought the bouncers at your local club were tough!


A lot more seating than last year, but the seats were so hard I now have calluses where a person really shouldn't have calluses.


The LARGE tarp hanging on the wall was auctioned off during the evening. I'm not sure what you do with something that size, but a collectable is a collectable!


Helm's Deep. Projection screen TV, hard chairs, and not much else. Would it have been too hard for Quickbeam and others from TORn to speak over here once or twice?


I wonder if the three hunters knew there were signs?


Quickbeam! Some of his jokes were almost funny this year.


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Early Guests  Some early guests that all too often go unrecognized in our rush to admire the stars.

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Updated Tuesday, March 25, 2003