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I glance at my watch as we're dancing and was shocked to find that it was already 11:30! The evening is slipping by much to quickly and I suddenly realize, much to my horror, that this Cave Troll is having a honestly good time! It sneaked up on me, I suppose or perhaps John sprinkled something on me when he was playing with my hair. Whatever the cause, I am very glad I came again this year.

It is shortly after this, that Quickbeam comes back onto stage and renders his promised impression of Haldir. As he's reading off the words that Haldir speaks upon presenting the elves to Theoden at Helm's Deep (surprising that he had to read them, since I can remember all of them in my sleep), but I digress. As he is reading the words, Craig Parker (Haldir) comes onto the stage to wild applause and cheers. 


Craig Parker seems un-impressed by Quickbeams impression.


Haldir Lives!!!!


After Craig Parker left the stage, Quickbeam announced that there were too many people in the room. Well, duh. Sell 1100+ tickets and then only present the guests of honor in a room that can hold 400-500 and see what happens to you. Logic seemed to be in short supply for the staffers last year. It was worse this year.

A short pause ensued while security urged people to watch the show in another room. A short, bald fellow took this opportunity to shove his way almost to the stage. No apologies. No apparent guilt. Just push folks out of your way until you get what you want. At this point, I'm beginning to see why the TORn staff has to behave the way they do.

Once the number of people in the room is down to a level where the Fire Marshall isn't threatening to close down the party, Quickbeam returns to the stage and this time, he brings three Hobbits! Of course, Emerald Rose left their instruments on stage. What more could a playful Hobbit ask? Need I add that we were yelling so loud at this point, I am sure most of you heard us.


Dominic Monaghan (Merry), Billy Boyd (Pippin), Sean Astin (Sam)


Am I holding this right?


Bang the drum slowly...


Okay, we'll pay attention now.


I didn't think it possible that a crowd could yell louder, but I was wrong. When the Oscar winners arrived on stage, I am certain we registered with the earthquake authorities in New Zealand.


And the winners are!!!!


Amazing how a little gold statue can come to mean so much.


And then it got even louder! Andy Serkis came on stage and the place went wild. He had a very hard time getting us to quiet down, but when we did, he treated us to a short bit of the voice of Gollum and, a quick aside, "and Me" in the voice of Smeagol. It was truly amazing.


Andy Serkis! (Gollum/Smeagol)  The Academy proved this year that if you make the same old tired films, you get awards. If you do something new, they can't figure it out so they ignore it.




And there were still more! Bruce Hopkins (Gamling) came to the microphone and there was pandemonium once again.


Bruce Hopkins (Gamling)


And there was yet more to come! Peter Jackson called us all the way from New Zealand. It was very difficult understanding what he said as his call was patched into the sound system and this cause a lot of distortion. Perhaps someone at TORn could post the gist of what he was saying somewhere on their site after talking with him? 

Sean tried several times to speak with him using one of the stage microphones. There must have been considerable distortion going to other direction as well as Mr. Jackson frequently commented that he understood that Sean was talking to him, but not what he was saying.

Sean tries several microphones as he tries to talk with Peter Jackson, who was calling from New Zealand.


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