Mingling, Even If We Didn't Want To



The Hilton
The Limo Ride
The Arrival
Inside At Last
Early Guests
Emerald Rose!
A Special Treat
Cave Troll Boogie
We Lucky Few
Then It Was Done

And once again, we are herded by the organizers into celebrating their way. Yes, it is their party. Yes, I am only a paying guest. And yes, I did as commanded.

Following the Oscars, all of the chairs were removed and we were informed we must go mingle. Understandable, as I was seated near the main stage on the dance floor, but still a minor annoyance that only added to the annoyance factor inherent in the evening at this point. 


So, I mingled and who should I meet first, but a gate crasher.


Rosie and Icarus are early revelers on the dance floor. You may notice there is no band. We're getting piped in music at this point.


Celtic dance lessons ensued on the dance floor in preparation for Emerald Rose.


A gaming console set up with a very familiar game. Now who would be interested in playing video games at a party like this?


The upper floor was for VIPs only this year.


Evil sometimes wears a pretty face. But seriously, if there are no chairs, you sit anywhere you can find a spot.


1100+ guests, 10 "lots" of raffle prizes (nope, not individual like last year), $2 a raffle ticket. I think my odds are better with the California Lottery.


And the winner is, 599234... And the winner is, 599198... And the winner is 599414... And the winner is 599395...  I think I see a pattern here.


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Emerald Rose!  Emerald Rose!