Mingling, Even If We Didn't Want To



The Hilton
The Limo Ride
The Arrival
Inside At Last
Early Guests
A Special Treat
Cave Troll Boogie
We Lucky Few
Then It Was Done

One of the high spots of the evening, Emerald Rose made it very hard to be a grouchy Cave Troll in a group of people obviously having a marvelous time. I found myself tapping my feet and gradually my spirits came up a bit. If I had been wearing a hat, I'd have taken it off to the TORn staff for booking these folks for the evening.


Emerald Rose!


Emerald Rose!


Emerald Rose!


Emerald Rose!


Shaking a leg to the rhythm of Emerald Rose!

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A Special Treat  A VERY special treat, at least for me.

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Updated Thursday, March 27, 2003