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In looking at the past few pages, many of you may think I do not like the folks from TORn. This is just not so. I think they could have done better because some of the things that were wrong with last year's party were wrong with this year's party. I fault them because I have been to a number of functions in Hollywood and they do not seem to have these problems.

For example, the long queue on the street could have easily been handled by allowing groups of people to choose their arrival time. Have groups arrive every 10-15 minutes and keep the groups small enough that it only takes 10 minutes to get them through the door.

In any case, I know how much work an affair of this type entails and my hat goes off to these Tolkien and Peter Jackson fans extraordinaire for their unceasing efforts at making our evening as worry-free and enjoyable as possible.


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It's amazing what only a few short years can bring.


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