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This was probably THE high point of the evening for me. I had just gone back for yet another plate of the very good, though limited in variety, food and was making my way back to the dance floor, when who should I spot, but John Rhys-Davies!

He's surrounded by just a few people, so I drop my plate into the nearest trash receptacle and start toward him. I think most of the people in the building saw him at about the same time, however. There was a mad press of people and I was shoved up close to him. 


John Rhys-Davies!


The crowd is getting thicker.


In the maddening rush of well-wishing and picture taking, I managed to get close enough to say thank you for the hard work he put into The Lord of The Rings. A lady nearby graciously agreed to take our picture. As she was getting set to take it, John put his arm around my shoulder and started playing with my hair! Needless to say, I couldn't control myself and the picture you see is a result of my uncontrolled laughter and joy of this moment. Thanks John!


John Rhys-Davies is playing with my hair! ROFL!!!!!!


Unfortunately, I think the mad rush of people trying to get close to Mr. Davies is what caused security to stop the celebrities from mingling with us. I heard later that a couple of the celebrities started to move into the crowd, but security asked them not to. It is human nature, I suppose to want to be close to the stars, and I am no better than the rest, I guess. 


John Rhys-Davies!

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