To Skill or not to Skill, that is the question...
Or is it Spell?
When should it be SKILL and when should it be SPELL?

Well the Merriam-Webster Dictionary offers us these definitions.

a : the ability to use one's knowledge effectively and readily in execution or performance
b : dexterity or coordination especially in the execution of learned physical tasks

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a : a spoken word or form of words held to have magic power
b : a state of enchantment

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But that still doesn't really answer the whole question, at least not in my mind.
I think the best way I can explain it is like this.

In order to have the ABILITY to use a weapon, cast a spell, or even pick someone's pocket you first have to have the SKILL. But just because you have the SKILL doesn't mean you have everything you need. For instance, you have the LONG SWORD SKILL but you do not have a long sword. Great, you have the ABILITY to fight, but still no 'weapon'. So, now that you have the ability, you need to purchase the 'weapon'.

The same holds true for spells. First you have to have the SKILL to cast a spell, then you need to get your 'WEAPON', the SPELLS themselves. So, first you purchase your spells SKILL books to get the ABILITY, then you purchase your 'WEAPON', the SPELLS themselves.

Hmmm... how about this...

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