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September 21, 2003

Well, I updated the Roll Call page. If I forgot anyone, please, please, please email me or magic mail me. It was not intential I assure you!

Also, check your magic mail for a link to a fast and dirty, but accurate, guild inventory web page.

We have started to get our name out and about. Check out Myst Warrior's webpage. Remember, it is new and under construction, but if you poke around a little you will find a message board they have invited us to join in on and a link to our page.

August 10, 2003

I have added a Vote page for current issues. This is not to take away from meetings but to add to the things that we can cover. Please take a look at this new page and submit your vote on the current issues. I promise, it is short and sweet.

August 3, 2003

The Tiny Terminators were originally a group of Elves that had names that contain two words that begin with the letter T (such as TinyTea, TuffTilly, TwistedTurtle, TheTutor). We banded together to try to create a comfortable place on the Realm. We helped others, especially those that are new to Norseman Games' The Realm Online, so that hopefully they will enjoy their time on the Realm.

But as of August 1, 2003 it is the decision of the Tiny Terminators to broaden their membership ranks to all races of the Realm Online. I will attempt to outline how membership will work now.

First we have the Eldars. Eldars are of the Elven race, must have a name starting with two words begining with the letter T, but can be of any class available on the Realm. This group of members will be a part of the voting board for all issues of the Tiny Terminators' guild.

All other races, and those Elves that do not wish to have the traditional TT name, will be considered as Tiny Terminators but will not be part of the voting board. That does not mean your voice will not be heard, simply make your desires known to a voting member.

Many of us have been victims at one time or another of scammers, join jumpers, other players that would PvP without first seeking the consent of the other player, among other frustration factors. We attempt to pass along our knowledge on how to avoid such treatment. We also welcome new information so we can add it to our knowledge base.

We welcome ALL to our channel, whether member of our guild or not. You are welcome to visit any time, stay a short time or a long time, chat, ask questions, ask for hunting partners, ask for help. You are most definitely welcome to make yourself at home (but please follow the rules we set out for our members, they are few and simple). This however does not instantly make you a member of the Tiny Terminators.
Please see Joining the TTs for more information.
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