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We are a band of elves who believe this game should be FUN for everyone, young and old. Many people come to The Realm Online to escape into a world of fantasy for a little while. Others come to play a little and talk a lot. But whatever the reason we want to assist these people while having some fun ourselves. With such a belief we go about helping people that are new to the wonderful world of The Realm Online. Whether it is information or items (sorry, non-rare only), we do our best to give back to the community. We are found on channel 910 and/or Spells of Fire in East Leinster.
Directions to Spells of Fire

That is the lighter side of what we believe. We also feel that while PvP is a part of the game, it should take place between those that have consented. Initiating a fight with someone simply because their PvP status is set to "YES" is not considered consent to us. So, we keep track of those that would jump others. Beware if you find yourself on our Hall of Shame list, we might (and probably will) return the favor.

If middle-men or middle-women are needed, we will gladly operate in that capacity. Those that would use deceit to aquire items will find themselves in our Hall of Shame.

We have only a few simple rules.

* Be kind to others.
* PVP only when others have consented unless hunting a Hall of Shamer.
* Deceit of any kind will not be tolerated.
* Keep the language and content on channel 910 'PG' as we do get kids on channel.

I strongly suggest you stop by and get to know us. Don't judge us strictly by the contents of this page. Words on a page can be misleading and sterile. We hope to see you soon. May the road be easy on your feet, your weapon ever sharp, and your spells full strength.

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